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Don Lacey

Leadership Consultant - Global Education Consulting Services

Don Lacey has enjoyed over four decades of contributing to learning and leadership within public and private school settings and within college and university administrative reforms. Don was Director of Human Resources at the UAEU, an HR Advisor to the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, and an integral member of the leadership team charged with bringing educational reform to over 300 schools within the Abu Dhabi Education Council.

Our international education systems are in a process of delivering quality educational services within new world realities. Recruitment of the right teachers and administrators has never been more important than now. Investing in the growth and the well-being of those teachers needs to become a planned priority; we must invest wisely in our efforts to retain quality staff as recruitment to international settings has become more difficult and costly.

Teachers need to be meaningful engaged in their school, their school teams and in their school communities. An understanding of one’s personal strengths, planned growth within those strengths and wise deployment of strengths within teams is paramount if we want to remain successful within our changing world.